Twelfth Annual Symposium on Energy
in the 21st Century
April 8, 2016
At The Links, East Syracuse, New York
Registration will open January, 2016

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Rhea Jezer, Ph.D
Director & Chair

We did it again! TheEleventh Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century packed the hall. On April 17, 2015, nearly 400 people gathered to learn, participate and network. Many have attended all eleven years! An outstanding group of speakers talked about cutting edge energy policy and prospects and plans for the future in our state, our region and the country. After lunch many took advantage of really exciting tours and trips.

We are now in the process of planning the next Symposium which will be held on April 8, 2016. This Symposium has been noted as one of the most important energy conferences in the Northeast and attendance is capped at 400.Held in E. Syracuse, NY,the Symposium provides a venue for a diverse population to join together in a non-partisan multi-disciplinary conversation and learning experience on sustainability and renewable energy. The excitement and warmth in the audience as well as among the speakers is palpable and “electric”, partially due to the fabulous speakers and also to the quality of those who attend.

The attendees range from students to highly professionals, all interested in the future of renewable energy. CEOs of corporations, top leaders of environmental organizations, state commissioners, sustainability directors, engineers, architects, city planners, representatives from the offices of elected official both on the federal, state and local levels, farmers, town supervisors, mayors, municipal planners, college faculty and students as well as interested citizens.

During the year we periodically provide a newsletter with updates on the most current information on renewable energy as well as job & grant opportunities. If you are not receiving the newsletter, make sure to contact me with your email and I will include you.

We are very fortunate to partner with WRVO, our local NPR affiliate, who record our Symposium. To hear the speakers and panel discussions from the 2015 Symposium, go to: http://wrvo.org/post/renewable-energy-perception-vs-reality. For 2014 Symposium go to:http://wrvo.org/post/next-decade-renewable-energy, and for 2013 go to: http://wrvo.org/post/planning-net-zero-energy-footpring

Be sure to check out our sponsor list. The registration fee for the day, including breakfast and lunch, is minimal but we could not produce the Symposium and newsletter without the continued support of our sponsors. Please make sure to thank them and better yet, become a sponsor or patron. Check the sponsors link and sign up.

As usual, it is always a pleasure hearing from you and I look forward to seeing you on April 8, 2016, if not before.

Rhea Jezer, Ph.D
Symposium Director and Chair

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Welcome to The Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century.

The Symposium has been noted as one of the most important energy conferences in the Northeast, with 400 attendees each year.

Held in East Syracuse, NY, the Symposium provides a gathering venue for diverse community members to join together in a non-partisan, multidisciplinary learning experience and conversation on sustainability and renewable energy. The attendees range from students to prominent industry professionals, and all are interested in the future of renewable energy.

Next year - 2016 - will be the twelfth year of the Symposium, to be held on April 8, 2016. We hope to once again explore several areas of extreme future importance to practical policy and action in the field of renewable energy.

In order to keep the registration fee low we need our valued patrons and sponsors to help produce this important event. Please join our sponsors & patrons.